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Real Estate Photography Toronto, GTA

Generate more showings for your listing with our Real Estate Photography. DownTown Pictures provide professional Real Estate Photography in Toronto and the GTA. With over 20+ years experience, our photographer, Tarek ElBaradie, specialises in Real Estate Photography & Interior and Architecture. Whether it is a condo, a townhouse a semi or a detached, we’ll get you covered across the GTA and help you create an inviting listing to attract more potential buyers.

We shoot residential and commercial properties

More ListingsGenerate more showings for your listings

Stand out from competition. In our real estate photography, we invest the time in strategically lighting up and staging locations, if needs be. This means an attractive gallery that will generate more showings and an increased chance of selling with the asked price, or more. Quality real estate photography is the key element for a listing to stand out.

Time icon24-hour turnaround for editing and online photo delivery

Our service includes a 24-hour turnaround delivery time. You will be provided a private download link with photos of your property in high and low resolution that are ready for print or online listing without having to resize or crop to upload the photos to MLS or create a web listing.



Real Estate Photography

For real estate photography, we cover Toronto and the GTA. Please contact us for an estimate for properties outside the GTA.
Yes, we do travel to shoot properties. Contact us for a cost estimate.
Every shoot is different. Typically, a 3-bedroom house takes 2-3 hours of photography, providing that it is all well-lit, set up and ready for photography. Should we use our studio lighting to fill-in, this usually takes a little more time. Larger houses and mansions could take up to three days, depending on your requirements and our initial consultation.
Photography is your key to a great presentation! We recommend that all spaces be clean and de-cluttered out of all unnecessary items and in a presentable state. All kids’ toys, cleaning gear, kitchen stuff, etc., should be stowed away in a space that will not be in the photos. The garage, for example. It is recommended that you keep the property in the same condition as in the photos as this will be its best look. Please ensure that all bulbs and lamps are working as interior lights add beauty to the shots.

For the exterior of the house, mow the lawn, trim the trees and collect all leaves. Make sure that all exterior landscape and pot lights are working. All garbage bins must be stowed away and that nor cars should be parked on the driveway at the time of the shoot.

Please contact us  for a free phone consultation prior to the shoot.

We do use our lighting to light up the exterior of the house or property, where applicable. We highlight certain areas on the house and the landscape. The best time to do a night shot is at dusk, right before dark or at dawn, before sunrise. This is the blue hour time.
Blue hour is dusk. This is the time between sunset and total darkness when the sky is changing colour from blue into black. Blue hour shots are generally warm and selling. Windows which see the sky will look blue and deep blue skies will be in exterior shots.

Real Estate Photography, Toronto

Real Estate Photography, Toronto

No. It is practically impossible to do more than 1-2 shots at blue-hour time. There is a narrow window of shooting time at this time of the day. We can come back the following day(s) to get you those extra blue-hour shots at a cost. Typically, we agree on where the blue-hour shot will be prior to the shoot and we work our shoot around this critical time.
Quality photography is an integral part of any professional marketing service. By investing in quality photography, you build a professional and consistent portfolio that will make potential and current clients trust in the overall quality of your services. Look at quality photography as an investment in your business both short and long term. It works!
Yes. We can create your Virtual Tour – or Slideshow – in a presentable video with information. You can share it on YouTube or Vimeo or simply upload it to your website. There is an extra cost for that. Please let us know in advance.
Lighting makes a huge impact on how a property looks like. Below is a straight comparison between shots before lighting and after.

Real estate Photography before and after

Real estate Photography before and after

Real estate Photography before and after

Yes, we do have lenses of all focal lengths. We have ultra wide angles that we use in tight spaces like powder rooms or small bedrooms to show more of the space in just one shot.

Yes. All our interior and architecture photography photos are corrected for perspective. What this means for you is that all vertical lines in any photo will be upright with no distortion or convergence. All doors, frames, walls, table legs and windows will be upright in the photos. This is professional and much more comfortable for the human eye to see and perceive.

Yes. We do minor visible retouches to the photos like paint chips or cracks, remove a visible undesired cable and such. We can do major cosmetics like replacing a lawn or removing a tree but that comes at an extra cost and you may want the photos to look as realistic as possible to represent what really exists on the property.
All photos delivered are corrected for colour. What this means for you is that you get a photo with a pleasant look that helps promote the property.

After editing, we upload the High-resolution images to our server and send you an email with a private link with a password to download all your photos. After logging in to your gallery, you will be able to select and download your photos in various resolutions suitable for all usage. For example, you can use Original file for offset printing and Medium or Large for your online listing.

No. Only you can download and use the photos. Your clients can only view the photos but cannot download them. It is possible only when they pay us royalty fees. This is to protect your interests and our copyrights to the photos.
Yes, as long as they are used for what they are intended for – which is Real Estate Listing to sell the property.
Yes. We do 360° X 180° Panoramas that are good for Virtual Reality where viewers can scroll and rotate the view in a video to see all angles and views of a space. We will shoot and create the scrollable video for you but you will have to embed it on your platform for ussers to be able to enjoy it in their browsers.